FrontSafe delivers private-, public- & hybrid cloud data protection with IBM Spectrum Protect and Cloutility

FrontSafe runs public, private and hybrid cloud data protection services for thousands of businesses, and secures the backups of tens of thousands of client machines. To manage and scale a business like this, enterprise-class technology is needed.

The combination of IBM Spectrum Protect and the Cloutility software platform allows FrontSafe to protect and manage petabytes of data efficiently and to standardize and automate as many processes as possible.

The built-in Cloutility partner module enables FrontSafe to go to market through a network of partners and resellers. Partners have their own tenants in Cloutility, and through their own logins, partners have access to adding and managing their own customers (descendant tenants). Cloutility has OEM-capabilities, which enables partners to deliver the FrontSafe solution to their respective end-customers using their own names and brands.

FrontSafe sends out thousands of email status reports to their partners and end-customers every day. The (default) reporting process in Cloutility is a “set-it-and-forget-it” configuration which is defined once and then runs automatically afterwards. All users with logins also have access to current and historical reports through the “graphical user interface” (GUI) web-application (and REST API).

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