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The plug-and-play multi-tenant self-service enabler for IBM Storage Protect, Storage Protect Plus and Rubrik

Cloutility is a plug-and-play, on-premise web-based cloud business extension for IBM Storage Protect, Storage Protect Plus and Rubrik, which provides multi-tenancy, end-user self-service, process automation and a host of other features related to delivering backup-as-a-service in private, public and hybrid cloud scenarios.

Private cloud

Public cloud

Hybrid cloud

Highlighted features and benefits

Here are some of the features in Cloutility which we know you'll love:


The built-in multi-level secure multi-tenant model allows you to reflect any organizational hierarchy and any distribution/business model you may need.

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End-user self-service

Through the easy-to-operate Cloutility web-portal user interface (UI) your end users get access to various self-service features. Just assign the appropriate privileges and your users are ready to sign in.

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Let your users handle activation and scheduling of new backups without requiring any technical skills. Define the process and standard settings for your end users and let them take it from there, while you can rest assured that your infrastructure remains nice and tidy.

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Scheduled reports and alerts

Avoid spending time and resources trying to build your own user-friendly reporting. Cloutility comes with plug-and-play reports which can easily be modified to match the different requirements of thousands of end users. Each user or business unit (tenant) has access to (current and historic) reports for their own hierarchy showing alerts and usage over time and much more. And if you want, these reports can be automatically delivered via email at various intervals, so your users don't necessarily need to sign in to get the information they need.

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Central administration

Your backup administrators can manage the backup infrastructure from a single Cloutility-instance – even when your backup/data protection servers are spread across multiple physical locations. There's even a built-in advanced management console for IBM Storage Protect which presents results in tables which can be filtered and sorted as needed.

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Subscription-based recurring billing

No cloud service is complete without automation of subscription-based recurring billing. The Cloutility platform has a built-in subscription-based billing system that provides you with a high degree of flexibility and allows you to automate all processes around recurring billing. Billing output is available through the built-in REST API in CSV and JSON formats, or can be downloaded directly from the web-portal (or automatically sent via email). The billing output including all billing lines is plug-and-play ready every month for your invoicing system. You can even configure Cloutility to send out invoices to all customers by email and for your customers to see and download historical invoices.

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Provide efficient support for a large number of end users. You can define and tailor reports and alerts to the needs of your support team to make the most of their valuable time. You can simulate end users to reflect exactly what they see in a support session. If you have a network of resellers you can, of course, pass on the support task to the individual reseller for them to support their own end customers. Now this is business scalability in action.

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REST API for integration with other systems

Because Cloutility is built with an API-first approach it means that all data and features available in the Cloutility web-portal UI can also be accessed through the built-in (extensive) REST-based application programming interface (REST API). Accordingly, if you need integration with external applications (e.g. ERP, BI, web, user portals, billing systems, support desk etc.) Cloutility is ready and waiting for your developers.

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For managed service providers

Cloutility is a self-service web portal which enables public and hybrid cloud delivery of IBM Storage Protect, Storage Protect Plus and Rubrik to end users and clients – directly as well as through a network of resellers.

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For large enterprises

The solution adds a self-service web interface (a cloud portal) to IBM Storage Protect, Storage Protect Plus and Rubrik and thereby allows distribution of data protection (backup) as a private/hybrid cloud service to the enterprise organisation.

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