Safespring backup powered by Cloutility

Safespring Backup is a secure, easy-to-use solution that provides businesses with the reliability of Spectrum Protect, and the flexibility of a fully-fledged self-service portal from Auwau.

With advanced features, multi-tenancy, and automation capabilities, Safespring Backup 2.0 is the perfect choice for managing all your backups.

Safespring has been providing backup as a service for many years. However requirements from their customers on more granular reporting, self-service and new ways of charge-back continued challenging their legacy solution. 

Rather than continuing developing their legacy systems Safespring looked into the capabilities of Cloutility. The secure multi-tenant structure of Cloutility gives Safespring an easy deployment of reporting and self-service for each customer and their departments. Through an interface which keeps all tenants separate from each other Safespring can now provide each customer and tenant with required information on consumption and backup status.

The Cloutility user interface is easily rebranded so that Safespring can keep the look and feel of their own identity and brand. 

On the licensing side Cristie in Sweden provides Safespring with a flexible and scalable bundle of both IBM Spectrum Protect and Auwau Cloutility licenses. 

Add to that the secure data centers and expertise of Safespring and you have a world class data protection service.

Find more information about Safespring backup here:

Read our one-pager case story on Safespring and Cloutility here.

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