Auwau Cloud Portal - Extended support for Virtual Environments

IBM Spectrum Protect offers data protection of virtual environments (VE) with Spectrum Protect for VE. Auwau just released extended support for the virtual environments in a new version of the Cloud Portal Software (CPS).

As a public or private service provider you may have virtual machines belonging to various customers or organizational units on a single VE host machine. The challenge until now has been to offer individual reporting and billing for the individual virtual machines (file spaces) to the users of their corresponding business units. With the extended functionality in the CPS you can now assign the individual virtual machines on the host machine to the corresponding underlying business units in the true multi-tenant model offered by Auwau. The result is the ability to do the daily reporting and monthly billing for these virtual machines on the underlying business units (rather than having a single proxy node report on a higher level).

There has been an enormous interest and need from our customers and users in getting this feature out and we are pleased to announce the extended support for Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments as part of our software, which is available as a free upgrade to existing CPS customers.

If you want to know more make sure to get in contact with our team.

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