Join us at IBM THINK in Las Vegas

Year after year IBM has given participants great insights in new technology trends at IBM events. Events always full of world class entertainment. Were you there and do you remember Steven Tyler and the Aerosmith concert back in 2015? 

This years biggest IBM event is in Las Vegas and it's called IBM THINK - and if you are going then please come join us on Wednesday March 21st at 01:30PM (session details below). 

Peter Sanderson - CEO of Team Computing Australia - will give a session on 'A Robust and Practical Cloud Backup Solution Using IBM Spectrum Protect and the AUWAU Cloud Portal' and Thomas Bak - CEO of Auwau - will join him on stage.

Hear how Team Computing built a robust, secure and scalable cloud backup solution and overcame the challenges of implementing cloud backup using IBM technologies including Spectrum Protect, Storwize and IBM Power Systems. 

Peter Sanderson and Thomas Bak will take you through each element used in building the solution, and why Team Computing chose it.

Financial aspects of running such a solution will be covered, including the realities of running a mission-critical system for customers on a daily basis.

Learn about the interaction between the IBM infrastructure and the AUWAU Cloutility portal software that forms the user interface to Team Computings service.

Finally you'll hear how the solution helped a customer foil a Crypto-Locker attack and return to full operation the same day.

Session details
Session ID: 3768
Title : A Robust and Practical Cloud Backup Solution Using IBM Spectrum Protect and the AUWAU Cloud Portal
Session Type : Breakout Session
Date/Time : Wed, 21-Mar, 01:30 PM-02:10 PM
Location : Mandalay Bay South, Level 2 - Reef C
Presenter(s) : Peter Sanderson, Team Computing Australia; Thomas Bak, Auwau

We look forward seeing you there!

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