Cloutility for IBM Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus


We are thrilled to announce that Auwau Cloutility now supports both IBM Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus.

This means that Cloutility is now the “single pane of glass” which covers both IBM data protection platforms.

By adding both Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus servers to Cloutility clients can assign backup nodes, hypervisors and individual virtual machines (from both “SP for VE” and SPP) to the tenants (customers, departments, servergroups, etc.) in the flexible and secure multi-tenant model built into Cloutility.

The combination of IBM SP/SPP and Cloutility is a managed service provider (MSP) must have!

Cloutility adds automated multi-tenant reporting and billing capabilities and, in general, end user self-service capabilities which enables MSP's and enterprise companies to hand over responsibilities and daily data protection tasks to their own end-users no matter if they are internal departmental users or external users at customer sites.

This way, Cloutility helps clients to segregate their tenants while still having them consolidated onto a centralized data protection infrastructure potentially consisting of both Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus.

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