Cloutility enables self-service for Dutch Tax Office departments

Belastingdienst (The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration) of the Netherlands required a data protection setup where different departments should be given access to self-service features on top of IBM’s enterprise class data protection engine: IBM Spectrum Protect.

After many considerations and a long time searching for an adequate solution, the system engineers in the Backup and Recovery team of Belastingdienst attended a session with Thomas Bak from Auwau at an IBM conference in Dresden, Germany. Mr. Bak demonstrated how Cloutility delivered multi-tenant self-service features on top of exactly the IBM data protection technology which they were already using.

The team approached Mr. Bak at the conference and after learning even more about Cloutility, an on-premise proof-of-concept (POC) was established. During the POC, a few minor features were quickly developed to enable Cloutility to become a solid match for Belastingdienst.

Today, Cloutility software ensures the self-service capabilities of all departments at Belastingdienst and gives the departmental users access to administer their own parts of the data protection environment hosted in central data centers of the organization.

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