Seeweb, Italy managing 100's of clients with Cloutility

Seeweb manages hundreds of internal server backups as well as a large number of remote backups of servers at customer sites.

Cloutility provides Seeweb with a single-pane-of-glass solution on top of their backup infrastructure (IBM Spectrum Protect) and hereby enables Seeweb’s administrators to unify the management of data center backups and backups at customer sites.

With Cloutility’s multi-tenant capabilities, Seeweb is able to segregate all customer backups while consolidating them into a centralized backup infrastructure.

Seeweb’s end-customers have access to self-service features and daily reports of backup status and consumption through Cloutility’s user interface.

Cloutility’s billing module automatically generates a billing output including all billing-lines each month which is used to automate the invoicing process, with data being pulled from Cloutility’s extensive REST API.

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