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Your organization has made a considerable investment in data protection. Now make the most of it. Cloutility enables the delivery of IBM Spectrum Protect, Spectrum Protect Plus and Rubrik as a service with a number of capabilities.

Solution features and benefits

Cloutility includes a number of self-service tools to provide you with everything you need for a successful private or hybrid cloud implementation.


Through the easy-to-operate Cloud Portal web interface (UI) your end users get access to self-service. Assign the appropriate privileges and allow the users to take ownership of all tasks which makes sense and give them access to user-friendly daily reporting. The solution supports single-sign-on (SSO).

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The built-in multi-tenant model allows you to reflect your organization exactly as it is. Let's giver you an example: In the hierarchical business unit model you may add the different regions in which you do business and for each region you add multiple cities which again may have multiple departments. Finally for each of your departments may add multiple server groups. Now for each of your business units (tenants) you can give end users access to self-service with privileges matching the requirements.

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All features and data available in the Frontsafe Cloud Portal software can be accessed through the built-in application programming interface (API) based on REST. Accordingly, integration with your external applications (ERP, BI, WEB, User Portals, Billing, and Support) has been prepared for you.

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Your internal administrators can easily manage the backend data protection infrastructure from a single installation of the Frontsafe Cloud Portal interface – even when your data protection servers are spread across multiple locations. The built-in administrative console allows for any commands to be sent to backup servers across multiple sites.

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Do not waste resources or time trying to build user-friendly reporting. Plug-and-play reports are available and can easily be modified to match the different requirements of your administrators – down to business units and end users. Reports are available through the Cloutility interface as well as through email reports.

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Activation and scheduling of new backups are just a few clicks away – no skills required. Empower your end users with the capability to provision their own backups – you can create standard settings for your end users’ ability to download and configure their backups once and for all.

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Provide efficient support for a large number of end users. You can tailor alarm reports and alerts to the needs of your support team to make the most of their valuable time. You can also simulate end users to see exactly what they see in a support session and make supportive comments, which will improve trouble shooting next time you come across failures or errors.

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Do you bill your organization for the services they utilize? Or have you attempted to figure out the costs involved with data protection of your organizational units? The Frontsafe Cloud Portal software has a built-in chargeback and showback system that allows you to automate all processes regarding billing and showback reporting.

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